Subject Profiles

mathsDespite engaging with advanced Mathematical techniques during my Economics degree I have never really been a natural mathematician.

Therefore I understand the problems that people have when trying to master new mathematical concepts which can be seen in my successful teaching of Maths essentially from Primary to GCSE level.

Despite lots of practice being essential to success some simple tips go a long way: for example, when calculating with percentages divide it into 1% or 10% and multiply thereafter; with dividing fractions remembering the mnemonic KFC (Keep, Flip, Complete) makes them much easier.


economicsI have developed extensive knowledge of Economics during my degree and through teaching A-level economics for the last four years.

I also have the technical knowledge on how to maximise your marks being a current examiner for AQA.

An effective technique is discovering the similarities in many past paper questions which you may not have time to do in school/college – despite their being nearly a hundred of them the number of genuinely different questions are relatively small. So creating a general approach to these different questions is very efficacious.

After the student attempts these questions (set by me or homework from college/school) I’ll provide tailored feedback based on the official mark scheme. This will aid with genuine understanding of what the examiner wants and will maximise your marks. This knowledge this allows the student to identify areas of improvement for themselves; this self-directed activity is an invaluable skill at university – A-level Economics is considered very highly by the top universities.

Another very effective method I employ is redrafting of essays – for feedback to be its most potent it needs to be acted on quickly and directly rather than trying to apply the guidance to a new area.

In my last Economics cohort at college 68% achieved A*-B and 32% A*- A.


businessMany of the difficulties students have in Business Studies is the Economic and Maths content, both of which I’m experienced in.

In addition, setting up my own firm has given me direct personal contact with a broad range of Business issues from marketing to tax.

Since Business Studies is assessed in a similar manner to Economics, a similar methodology is efficacious, many past paper questions to help you discover the commonalities between them.

Furthermore, aiding the student to write their own exam-style questions based on the specifications will provide them not only with excellent tools for past papers but also for anticipating new ones.